Boat & Jetski Licence

Boating Made Easy

At Boat & Jetksi Licence, all of our courses are simple, yet comprehensive, offering education on boating safety and state regulations which is all delivered by our expereuinced trainers in a suitable classroom environment.

This training provides our students with the opportunity to gain the most valuable skills and knowledge they can from their short time with our company. Our students benefit from small class sizes and this provides them with personalised attention and ready access to our professional trainers for advice and support.

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The Secret of Success

Here’s just a few reasons why we’re so popular. We know what to focus on so you stay safe and get the licence without hassle!

A Focus On Safety

Training centred around the use of safety equipment and staying safe on the water has a big emphasis

Experienced Trainers

Our professional, experienced trainers are all seafarers with strong industry links. No 2nd rate contractors.

All Done In 1 Session

All education and testing at the same course so you get your SA boat licence qualification right there

Small Class Sizes

This provides you with personalised attention and ready access to our professional trainers’ knowledge

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What Our Students Think

I want to in particular thank Brian for an excellent course. I admittedly struggled with some of the finer aspects but he was there to help me understand it all every step of the way. 

Terry, Feb ’19

Highly recommend doing the course. I failed the motor reg test twice and went through this course first time thanks in part to the trainer. Feel silly for not doing it sooner.

Samantha, Apr ’19

No complaints from me. Happy with every part of the course. If you could tell the boss that Peter was very helpful and patient, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Zaif, Dec ’18